Business Process Management System for Collaborative Research

Meltem Özturan 01.01.2009 - 31.12.2010


Project Team: Aslı Sencer, Hande Kımıloğlu, Figen Bacıoğlu

In this project, two different consecutive researches have been conducted, related to use of information technologies (IT), especially business project management (BPM) software, in collaborative researches. 

In the first research, a survey has been carried out to explore perceptions/attitudes towards collaborative research in terms of its definitions its requirements, respondent's general opinions and IT usage. It has been observed that the findings of the study are in support of the literature.

In the second research, processes of collaborative research have been transferred to IT environment using BPM software and Web 2.0 environment in the direction of the requirements determined in the first research. Afterwards the environment has been tested for a collaborative research case study together with a group of 9 researchers and the results are found to be satisfactory.