Information Systems and Entrepreneurship Bootcamp

Oltaç Ünsal 05.03.2015 - 06.03.2015 Hisar Campus

    A training titled “Information Systems and Entrepreneurship Bootcamp” was given for the students of Boğaziçi University with the support of the BU-ISRC in collaboration with World Bank. The 2-day training was given by Oltaç Ünsal from World Bank free of charge under the sponsorship of the BU-ISRC and Certificate of Participation was given to the participants that completed the training with success.
    The topics and schedule of the training which was given in English is provided as below:
  • Learn Startup Methodology/Building Business Models
  • Product Development/Marketing Innovation
  • Valuation/Financing Innovation
  • Pitching Your Business
    There were more than 60 applicants for the trainings, but due to quota restriction, only 20 participants were accepted for the bootcamp after the elimination process.