İSTKA Project – MIS Cyber Security Center (BUCYBER)

Bilgin Metin 01.12.2016

BUCYBER (MIS Cyber Security Center) is an Istanbul Development Agency supported project. It is established within Boğaziçi University Information Systems Research Center (ISRC) in order to provide the necessary focus and specific expertise for cyber security topics.

This project aims to make the extensive and effective use of the relevant standards and frameworks of information security and business continuity management along with an interdisciplinary (business processes and project management included) technical and business perspective by analyzing cybersecurity through management information systems point of view. Furthermore, in the scope of the project, a penetration test laboratory and a computer laboratory for trainings are founded.

Risk analysis and information security management training will be given to governmental institutions that give services to large masses and that cannot reserve the resources required for cyber security. Thus, it will be possible for these institutions to provide better quality information security services .

Municipalities, public hospitals and universities that get in touch with BUCYBER will have the opportunity to receive penetration test services for their web sites to see their vulnerabilities, therefore taking urgent action against them.


Some of the BUCYBER activities:

CYBERSECURITY WINTER CAMP for 24 Students   (JANUARY 16-20  2017)




IT FORENSIC  WINTER CAMP  for 23 students  (February  9-12  2017)