Regtech and ICO Regulation

Burçak Ünsal 06.05.2019 - 06.05.2019, 19:00 Hisar Campus, B105


Burçak Ünsal, is an attorney admitted to New York and Istanbul Bars, and one of the founding partners of Ünsal Gündüz Attorneys at Law. Burçak Ünsal is also one of the founding partners of Inkube, Turkey's first and only blockchain technologies incubator and accelerator and a patent and trademark attorney admitted to European Patent Institute and Turkish Patent Office.

Before founding Ünsal Gündüz, Ünsal has been the regional counsel of Google & YouTube, and worked at the most distinguished law firms in Washington DC, Tokyo and Istanbul. Ünsal has a M.Sc. from Aegean Universtity Institute of Science, and an LL.M. from University of Virginia School of Law.

Dnsal is heavliy involved with academic activities, writing papers and he authored works published by various institutions including the US Library of Congress.