ISRC hosts a variety of summits, seminars, workshops, and congress and conferences which brings together the academia and the business world.  Those events enable its stakeholders to exchange ideas and opinions, build up research collaborations, and serve the society. To promote the continuous progress of academic research and to form the groundwork for interdisciplinary collaborative research, ISRC welcomes leading scholars from reputable universities and research centers. ISRC organizes workshops with a well versed team and invited sector representatives, and arranges meetings with CIOs coming from both established national companies and international companies. ISRC develops a platform for networked science with the international academia and industry in order to sustain an infrastructure for research and education particularly about information and communication technologies. ISRC serves as an incubator for projects focusing on information and communication technologies, such as mobile applications and technologies, geographic positioning systems, and health information technologies and etc. Another contribution of ISRC is its initiative with international organizations such as World Bank in order to give certificates and trainings for start-ups.