Determination of User Related Critical Factors for the Usage of Mobile Devices in Agriculture and Livestock Sectors and Design of a Prototype User Interface

Zuhal Tanrıkulu 01.01.2011 - 31.12.2012


Project Team: Meltem Özturan, Zuhal Tanrıkulu, Candan Bildik, Şeyda Karadağ

Due to the increase in use of information technology in various sectors, beliefs about using this technology, especially mobile devices have become an important issue for acceptance of e-Livestock Systems. The main objectives of this study are to explore Turkish farmers' beliefs about using mobile devices for livestock management and to seek whether there are relationships between farmers' and their employed farms characteristics and these beliefs. Results indicate that beliefs of Turkish farmers about using mobile devices for livestock management are mostly favorable except employee related issues and these beliefs show differences between age groups, education levels, income levels and computer user and non-user groups of farmers. However, no differences are seen between farmers' employed farm characteristics.