ISRC provides consultancy services in a wide range of technological areas including information systems/platforms, project management, data management, hardware, networks and communication, software development, and business strategies development. These services build upon the experience of our staff gained as a result of teaching, analysis, design and development work.

The center provides business solutions designed and tailored to individual organizations according to their business and information needs. These solutions can be either a simple software to run basic transactions or a multi-user integrated software support to cover all applications. High quality service that is given help clients to run their business more efficiently so as to enable them to concentrate on their core business activities. Consultation services offered for public and private organizations are preparation of finely detailed roadmaps for e-transformation process, and development of business strategies.

Furthermore, professional training for management information systems is also offered. Various theoretical and practical education programs/trainings are developed by expert academic staff and have been offered to a variety of organizations.