Information Systems Research Center

ISRC is established in 2006 to conduct interdisciplinary research on topics that are in line with the latest developments in technology and their application in the field of information systems. ISRC aims to form a platform for concepts and frameworks which will bring solutions to the information systems related requirements of the organizations in global, dynamic and information-intensive contexts with the collaboration of scientific and business world. Priority research areas of the Center are Corporate Information Systems, Mobile Systems, Business Intelligence and Analytics, Decision Support Systems, Big Data, Cloud Computing, Information Technologies Portfolio Management and Governance, Information Technology Strategies, Business Process Management, Human Computer Interaction.




Fatih Municipality and Boğaziçi University
signed a cooperation protocol as part of 
YEPGEM Project. Bogazici University ISRC 
Center (Information Systems Research Center)
have been started ajoint project with the
Fatih Municipality











The Turkey Chapter of Association for Information Systems (AIS ) was established in 2016 within the ISRC.

AIS is the biggest network for MIS academics and professionals. TRAIS aims to be a bridge between Turkish and international communities on MIS research and industry collaborations.